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Springdale Yoga specializes in Svaroopa® Yoga and Meditation, offering a full-service Svaroopa® Yoga Center, the only one in Wisconsin.  We specialize in the Svaroopa® Yoga Sciences while most local yoga centers mix up the principles and traditions underlying what they offer.  Our specialization is intentional.  It allows you to dive in deeper, learn as much as you want, benefit in as many ways as possible, and over time, participate in more and as many of our offerings that peak your interest.


  • Provide the highest quality offerings: yoga asana classes, yoga therapy, meditation classes and workshops.

  • Meet everyone where they are at, in order to provide them with maximum benefits.

  • Support you in your home practices—asana, breathing & meditation.

  • Cultivate your yearning to go deeper and to give Svaroopa®Yoga your best.

* Due to severe allergies and sensitivity to smells, all participants must refrain from wearing perfume or scented lotions/splashes while attending classes. You will be asked to return unscented. *  - Thank You.

Yoga Class

The Basics

Saturday, 10:30 AM-Noon

Instructor:  Maitreyi 

New to Yoga, a Beginner, or new to Svaroopa® Yoga—You Start Here.  Yoga Basics


This course focuses on your mastery of the Svaroopa® yoga 12 basic poses that form the foundation of your practice. They are surprisingly easy, yet they provide profound physical changes and inner openings.  You first learn the poses that give you the most reliable spinal release, especially targeting your lower spine, for the decompression of your spinal vertebrae and the lengthening and lifting of your spine.


Each week builds on the previous, culminating in a short home practice that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

New Basics teachers at Springdale Yoga must be at least Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Introductory Teachers (CSIT).


Yoga Basics Starter Package


At Springdale Yoga you can purchase supplies to support your home practice:

  1. Yoga blocks

  2. Yoga Blankets—We recommend starting with 4

  3. Magic 4 Handout

  4. A folding chair—available from Target or Shopko.

 (Picture of the Magic Four.)


Student Testimonial:  I am a beginning student of Svaroopa® Yoga. I have practiced Hatha Yoga most of my life and it helped to align my spine temporarily and offered some relief. But I have found Svaroopa® Yoga with Judy to be amazingly transforming and very different from Hatha. Svaroopa® Yoga has been the key to unlock a lifetime of deep muscle tension and negative energy patterns that were held within my body- not only from this lifetime but it seems even from prior lifetimes- Releasing my body and mind is like cutting loose the chains that bound me. What a relief! Replacing pain and constriction with the feeling of freedom, comfort and peace. It has far exceeded my expectations. With continued daily practice my body is learning a new way of being in the world.

Continuing Yoga Supplies you can purchase at Springdale Yoga:  

Pose Cards—Two sets of cards are available.  You can study them, going through each pose in your home practice.


Ujjayi Pranyaa CD—6 tracks of instruction on how to develop an Ujjayi Pranyama practice at home.  


More blankets—up to 8 blankets per student for home.

Yoga Class

Continuing Yoga

Thursday, 9:30-11 AM

Friday, 8:30-10 AM
  Instructor: Judy Dettwiler

Once you have mastered the Basics poses your Instructor will suggest that you move into Continuing Yoga.

Here you will begin to learn many more poses. Your instructor will suggest what poses to add to your Home Practice.

You will learn 120 poses (30-50 poses are normally taught in other yoga styles.) Over the course of two years you will have the opportunity to practice most of these poses.

If a pose is too difficult for you, your teacher will suggest three options:  an alternative pose that you already know, have you come out of the pose early, or you can skip the pose and rest in Shavasana.

The poses are divided into 12 Themes. Click here to read about the 12 themes your teachers covers over 2 years.

Student Testimonial: One student measured herself at home and reported back:   "You are correct, I am taller! I was curious, so I had [my husband] measure my height when I got home today. 5 feet 5 inches! I think the tallest I ever recall was 5 feet 4 inches in HS so I have always said 5-4. An entire inch! Amazing!   Most women my age are getting shorter, not taller! Now that we have a benchmark, it will be interesting to see if it is any different in a few months, since I think there is still some untwisting left to do in my spine."
After yoga class this student notices that she must adjust her car mirrors.  She is taller than when she drove to Springdale Yoga.  She also noticed that after class she can more easily lean her head back on the headrest—something she never could do before.
Svaroopa Yoga: Accessible Yoga.  You don't push to make the pose happen. In Svaroopa® yoga, you prop and align, then allow the changes to develop. Physical changes are the beginning of a profound deepening, which provides magical internal changes. All levels open up simultaneously: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Yoga Class

Senior & Adaptive Yoga

Mondays 5:30-7 pm
Instructor: Maitreyi 

Seniors who feel stiff can start here. Or you may have a special condition that requires special attention in yoga class.

In Senior Yoga Classes there are fewer poses, more time between poses and more to talk about how to do the poses for your particular needs. There also are special poses not taught in other Svaroopa® Yoga classes, new poses just for Seniors and students with special needs. 

Maitreyi, your Instructor, has additional certification in how to adapt Svaroopa® Yoga poses and classes to make them accessible to anyone. She is a Certified Svarooopa® Yoga Therapist, prepared in how to help students who have special issues with Pain; Spine, Knees and Feet; and Head, Neck and Shoulders. She can provide you with pose modifications and alternative options for poses as needed to match your particular conditions.

Student Testimonial:  These classes have has been beneficial to my mind, my body, and my soul.  


After extensive shoulder surgery in the Spring of 2015, I began Springdale Yoga's Gentle Yoga Summer Class in 2015 with Margie. Previously, I had attended Beginning Yoga and Continuing Yoga at Springdale Yoga and I wanted to continue with my Yoga practice, but I felt that my body could not handle the poses.
Now Senior Yoga was the perfect match for me! The beginning Shavasana relaxes my body and help me focus inwardly. Then the breathing of Ujjayi Pranayama calms me completely and I was able to further relax. Some of the poses focus on the areas of my neck and shoulders and help me gain strength and confidence after surgery.


Other students were recovering from knee and hip surgeries, so other poses help them and I feel rejuvenated from these poses, too. The final Shavasana integrates all of the practice and I experience a decrease in pain. I also felt relaxed and energized. 

As we are doing the poses, Margie tells us the benefits of each asana. This is so helpful. She always tells me that a pose is specifically for my areas of need. Now, when I am at home I am able to practice these poses and to continue my recovery. 
The individual attention and the excellent outcomes from this class have motivated me to weave Yoga practices into my daily life. I am forever grateful to Margie for rejuvenating my body and calming my mind. 

- Jeanne E. 

Tag Line: Deprogramming & Reprogramming
Your body and mind need an upgrade! Svaroopa® yoga does this. First you learn to relax deeply.  Next you learn to breathe. Then you unravel core tensions and discover your own essence that awaits you — inside.  It’s all part of learning a new way to live!

Ujjayi Pranyaa CD—6 tracks of instruction on how to develop an Ujjayi Pranyama practice at home.  

Yoga Class

Deeper Yoga

Saturday 8:00-10:00 AM 
  Instructor: Judy Dettwiler

Deeper and longer exploration of yoga poses for more openings. Students must have a home practice and know how to handle "relapse".


For most students it takes about a year of weekly class attendance to be ready for this class. Instructor permission required to attend this class.

Private Yoga Sessions

Are you not quite ready for a group class? Or, do you have an injury or condition that would make a one-on-one session a better way to start? Private Yoga Sessions may be your way to start.

The teachers at Springdale Yoga can provide a private class, Embodyment®, or a yoga therapy session.  Call Maitreyi and ask her if this is where you should start. (608-215-7218)

Yoga Therapy 

Senior yogis also benefit from Embodyment® and Yoga Therapy.  Call or e-mail Maitreyi (608-215-7218) to make the initial 2-hour appointment. At this meeting there will be time to assess your condition and the approaches to take, including the timeline. Included is a first class or yoga therapy session depending on what you need.

Cost: $125 for the Initial Appointment. Then the cost is $75.00 per treatment or you can purchase packages that reduce the price.



No yoga poses are needed in an Embodyment® session. Instead you lie down in yoga’s relaxation pose (Shavasana), comfortably propped and aligned, while the therapist lays her hands on specific points in your lower spine.  This promotes a release of deep tension in the muscles connected to your spine. 


The session is very relaxing and requires no effort on your part. In special cases, such as recovering from injury or physical problems, you many benefit by having more frequent sessions for the first three weeks or two months. Some adults enjoy having and Embodyment® session weekly.

The first appointment typically lasts 15-20 minutes longer as the therapist gets your history. Then appointments are 60 minutes.

To schedule:

 Embodyment® or a Yoga Therapy session with Maitreyi Margie

Embodyment® with Judy

Embodyment® session with Patty,

Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy

Maitreyi Margie is Certified Svarooopa® Yoga Therapist-Level 1 and continues to take courses towards a Medical Yoga Therapist certificate. She provides Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy to relieve pain, for neck and shoulder -upper spinal problems, spine, knees and feet problems, and specifically for the treatment of Scoliosis.

Each therapy session will include release of spinal tension in a specific sequence , but is geared to address problem areas, aches and pains, areas of tension, etc. When you arrive for a session, Margie will discuss the session format and you will decide together what will be the best sequence for the session. There are many Svaroopa ® Yoga Therapy techniques .  Margie will custom select yoga poses, provide specialized alignments, props and adjustments for maximum benefits to you each time. As an example, a client with knee problems would have a different session than a client with neck and shoulder problems or migraines. Or, some clients prefer a quieter, more restful session, in which case I'll choose lying down poses.


Springdale Yoga and Meditation Center is located at the end of a ¼ mile road belonging to the township of Springdale. There is a parking area on the south side of the turnaround. The road must be kept open for emergency vehicles.

PARKING Recycled black top was laid down to denote where to park. Park into the side of the hill facing the barn. Pull in as far as possible. This will allow the huge semi trailers hauling home building equipment to go safely around the turn around. Thanks.


New to Yoga, a Beginner, or new to Svaroopa® Yoga— WHERE TO BEGIN? 


Note: Due to severe allergies and sensitivity to smells, all participants must refrain from wearing perfume or scented lotions/splashes while attending classes. You will be asked to return unscented.   - Thank You.

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